Introducing Sandy, Our New Labrador Puppy

After much convincing by our daughter, Mr. Papa agreed to get an adorable female yellow Lab named Sandy. A local family had the litter of 8 boys and 1 girl, and Mr. Papa said we could get one if the girl wasn’t already taken. We were the first to ask specifically for the girl so we got her. It has a been quite a while since I have had a baby puppy since our other two dogs were rescues at 6 months and 4 months when we got them. Puppies are so much fun, and Labradors are especially friendly, sweet and over all good-natured.

We carefully introduced the puppy to our oldest dog who can be a little grumpy when it comes to other dogs. We had my daughter hold the puppy in her arms up the street from the house and then I walked the older dog up there on the leash to introduce them. My daughter held the puppy down for her to sniff, rear end first, so that she could check her out. We did this several times as we walked toward our house. She was actually surprisingly “low key but happy” about the pup. By time we were back to the house she had accepted her into the family. The other dog “took kindly” to the puppy right away.

The puppy is eating, and growing, and pooping a lot. I have rediscovered how to utilize the carpet shampooer. I even did some maintenance on it and have it working like new again. The carpets actually look cleaner than they have in years thanks to the improved performance of the carpet cleaner. We think that she is struggling a little bit with the house breaking because she is growing so fast. She’s gone from 9 lbs at 8 weeks old to 27 lbs at 14 weeks. Her Mom is 85 lbs and Dad is 98lbs, so we expect her to be big.

She and the two year old dog are now best friends!!! They run and play and chew on each other until they are exhausted. The older nine year dog doesn’t really join in, but does act like a grumpy old lady and fusses at them when they get to rambunctious. The black dog, Stormy, still has about 20 lbs on her, but is already some what submissive to her. She just has a submissive personality, but thankfully the puppy is sweet so she doesn’t take to much advantage of her.

She is off to a good start as a wonderful family pet. We’ve started a gallery of her pictures here.

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