It’s Been A Heavy Monsoon

This year has been a heavy rain monsoon season. In fact, the wild field grass on our property has been growing wild the last couple of months. We usually have to cut the grass (if you can call it that) on our property maybe 3 or 4 times a year.

We usually have to cut it once in the April / May time frame as the wild fire season begins in order to make sure we have a good fire break away from the house. Then as monsoon season descends upon us at the end of June, we usually have to cut it twice during the monsoon season as the grass begins to grow fast and gets very green. We usually cut it again once at the end of September when the rains have left us.

This year, with an extra heavy monsoon season, we have already cut it three times during the season and have started time number. As you can see in the image, it has grown tall and thick with the heavy rain. We have a riding mower, so its not that big a deal, but this year, with the thickness of the wild grass, we have gone through two belts on the mover. I think one was partially because it was the wrong size.

We usually have the mower speed set to 3 when cutting the grass. Right now, with the height and thickness, we have to cut with it on a speed of 1. We live on about 4 1/2 acres, but we only keep maybe 2 acres cut. As you can see in the image, one of our neighbors keeps their whole lot cut down. In fact, this year, a couple of others have done the same. We have contemplated doing the same, but actually like the look of the wild grass but just want it a fair distance from the house and fenced yard area.

Lucky for me, Suzanne usually cuts the grass early in the morning before it gets too hot and I am at work. I just get to try to fix the mower when she hacks up the blades or breaks the belt. Again, lucky for me, the local auto repair guy can do all this and more for me if it gets too complicated (like when she broke the deck hitting a big rock).

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