June 2007 Alaska Cruise Pictures Uploaded

We are finally done! The photos from are June 2007 Cruise to Alaska on board the Celebrity Mercury are finally uploaded here at Mr Papa’s World. Actually, a month and half isn’t too bad. 😉

The cruise was a ton of fun and the scenery was absolutely amazing. I hope the pictures can give you an idea of what the cruise was like. If you have never cruised, you should give it a try. This cruise was a mini reunion for us. A cruise makes a great setting for a family reunion.

Enjoy the images!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great trip. I would have especially enjoyed the Tram ride, the Train ride and the glaciers….

  2. It was a great trip… We are itching to book the next cruise, but will most likely waiting until first quarter next year…

    I must say I wasnt excited about the train ride before hand, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Going out on the platform and getting an outdoorsy look was very nice. having a bear standing next to the tracks on the ride back down topped it all off…

    the tram was a spur of the moment decision to do… the ride up/down was beautiful as was the scenic lookout up top… wasnt much else to do up there except hike, but still the views made it worthwhile.

    I think Suzanne took a zillion glacier pictures… both cruises to Alaska, they were definitely a highlight.

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