Laughing All Day

Wow, what a day… Been laughing all day long at a bunch of different things… Here are a couple of the highlights…

  • We got into talking about Sean’s football season and the practices that just started this past week. Sean has been enjoying the conditioning program they are undergoing – sick boy. I asked who his coaches were this here. His reply – Coach Bubba and Coach Leroy. Now, no offense against folks with those nice names, but its kind of fitting to live far into the country and have coaches named Bubba and Leroy.
  • We had a family Scrabble night tonight. That always makes for some fun. The highlight was when Suzanne spelled Fatwa using a blank tile for the “w”. It was a pretty nice word for some points. Savannah had already revealed a few turns earlier that she had a blank tile. Suzanne then proceeded to draw her next tiles and said “Ooooh, another blank tile”. Well, a quick glance at the tile rack quickly revealed that there were only two blank tiles in a game. Hmmm… Savannah’s plus the one Suzanne just played was two, so what was this new one? On a hunch, I turned over her “blank” tile in Fatwa and revealed a “T” tile. So much for the blank tile. Now, we all thought it was so funny, that Suzanne and Savannah were brought to tears. We allowed Suzanne to use her “new” blank tile and still use Fatwa. The bad part was, next turn, she played another blank tile. We caught this one a bit faster ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, I know this was completely on accident by Suzanne. Maybe, we need a rule – No wine drinking while playing Scrabble.

The recital last night was okay. Actually, it was the worst one I have seen from the Alma Dolores Dance Studio since the kids have been taking classes there. Most of the recitals, are elaborate costumes and sets and quite enjoyable. This was a summer recital with the students having only two months to learn the dances. Some of the students were not the “usual” students. Dont get me wrong, it was still fun, and the kids were cute, just not what I have come to expect. Suzanne and another student, Savanna Fletcher did a duet to Memory from Cats and Suzanne shown out. She got quite an ovation from the crowd. She has been asked to sing the same song at an upcoming performance where the competition team will dance a song to Memory.

Well, off to NutriSystem food tomorrow…

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