Long Season Continues

Sean’s season, which is building up to a very long season continued yesterday with another loss. They were defeated again yesterday by a score of 9 – 0, though the scored really wasn’t that close as we never threatened to score.

The game was an away game for us in Douglas, AZ. That meant about a 90 minute drive to the game for us and a long day. These long road games for sports is one of the few downsides to country living.

Our team continues to struggle on offense. We managed only a couple of first downs and had negative total yardage for the day. The team lacks the basic skills of blocking and executing a play. It also takes them forever to run a play. I clocked in time between plays one time at over 2 minutes. The refs gave them the benefit of the doubt most of the time and didn’t call delay of game penalties but did get fed up and flag them a few times.

On defense, the kids continued to have the opposite story. The were pretty effective in stopping the other team. Take away the safety and the defense gave up one touchdown and it was on a long, trick play double reverse that went for about 50 yards.

Sean was shifted to defensive tackle this week and did a pretty good job of stopping up the middle. Any runs of length went to the outside. He continues to have the same problem, all the other kids we play are bigger. He was giving away another 40 pounds (and he is slightly above average at 125 pounds) on average to the other lineman. As he gets older, he is either going to have to get bigger or faster as he currently lacks the speed to play LB or DB.

The trip made for a long day yesterday. Throw in a stop for lunch on the way to the game and then a stop for dinner on the way back, and we were gone most of the day. I believe next week is another away game though it would be closer as Douglas is the furthest away game.

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