Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All!

Thus far, it has been a wonderful Christmas for the Klasens, albeit an early one.  We have this little family tradition where the kids cant see the Christmas tree in the morning until Mr Papa goes out and checks to see if Santa managed to find our house this year.  Since the tree is in the family room and the family room is between the kids bedrooms and our bedroom, the kids usually spend Christmas Even sleeping on the floor of our bedroom so they dont see the tree before I check it out in the morning.

The kids decided to wake early this morning, a little after 5:00 am.  Well, that’s too early, but we only manage to stall until about 5:45 before we all decided to get up.  Mr Papa went out to see if Santa came or not and let out a time honored traditional yell of “Oh no!”.  To which the kids, responded “Papa!”.  After another 30 seconds of teasing about Santa missed us, the kids were let out of the room to see if the Jolly Old Man had stopped by.  Their expression as they rounded the corner was priceless.  Suzanne had the camcorder rolling, so we should have some good photos of it.  It sure doesnt take long for the kids to open a pile of presents.

After the opening, the assembly and destroying of boxes begins.  Some time, I would like to meet the designer of those stupid grey twist ties that hold things in place in a dark alley.  And dont get me started on how long it takes to get a single Barbie out of its box.  Does it really have to be that secure in the box?

The kids had a nice haul.  They got many new boardgames which the family will enjoy for years to come.  That is one family activity they we all enjoy doing together.  Savannah got a bunch of Barbie and Bratz stuff.  Sean got some Lego Star Wars stuff and three football and fitness training DVDs.  He really wants to start an off season training regime and these were high on his list of wants.  Only time will tell if he uses them.

For the Xbox 360, the Savannah got Viva Pinata and Sean got Rainbow Six Vegas and Tiger Woods 2007.  I guess we better hurry up and finish Gears of War on Insane difficulty so we can start Rainbow Six.  We are on the last chapter.

Christmas Eve dinner was fantastic.  The leftovers were enjoyed this morning.  Suzanne munched on some Prime Rib and Rost, while Savannah and I enjoyed a fried egg on top of our Rosti.  A Rosti is German dish and is kind of a homemade hashbrown.

Now, its time to start playing some of these new games and start cooking the Christmas Day dinner.

Tomorrow, we head off to Cloudcroft, NM for a few days in a mountain cabin and maybe some skiing.  I doubt I will have any internet connectivity, so see yall next weekend.  Merry Christmas!


  1. Jackie Klasen says

    Aren’t traditions wonderful? Sounds like you all had a fabulous holiday. Keep safe skiing.

  2. Glad you had a good time. Have fun at the cabin!

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