Mr Papa – Rare Beef!

I have posted recently about the huge amount of spam I receive here at Mr Papa’s World. The spam continues. Another thing that has been quite prevalent, even more so over at Cruise Talk Central has been content scraping. Content scraping is the stealing of content from one site and publishing it on another site. It’s usually done by scraping a site’s RSS feed.

I also like to monitor my site stats and see what people are looking at and where they come from. That is, the site they were viewing where they clicked on a link over to Mr Papa’s World

Today, I saw a referrer link that I didn’t quite understand. Once I saw the page where it came from, I ended up on the floor laughing extremely long. It wasn’t long until Suzanne joined me there. Some scraper has a site with the name of Hunk Hotel and his hunk video search. It seems they have a picture of me they copied from my site here up on there site. Even funnier is the title of the image “Rare Beef”. Of course, that’s the title I gave the picture from our recent cruise. I was eating some wonderful rare cooked beef in the dining room. It was hilarious.

Check out the site and picture yourself:

Rare Beef Mr Papa

You will get a nice laugh just like us!


  1. Wow, three folks have visited my site today from that image over on hunk hotel… ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Too funny!

  3. Oh Mr. Papa, you really are rare beef!

  4. I just knew all this working out stuff would pay off ๐Ÿ™„

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