Mr Papa – Rare Beef!

I have posted recently about the huge amount of spam I receive here at Mr Papa’s World. The spam continues. Another thing that has been quite prevalent, even more so over at Cruise Talk Central has been content scraping. Content scraping is the stealing of content from one site and publishing it on another site. […]

Spam and More Spam

Wow, the spammers never let up. After cleaning out my spam this evening, I was presented with the following message Caught Spam Akismet has caught 38,644 spam for you since you first installed it. You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. 🙂 . That’s almost 40,000 spam attacks stopped […]

Spam and More Spam

Wow, just noticed how many spam comments that the Akismet plugin I run here at Mr Papa’s World has stopped from ever reaching site. The spam comment count is now over 30,000 spams since I installed Akismet. I wish I could remember when I installed it, but I don’t. I may have to research a […]

Busy Times

I will be entering some busy times for the next week or two and may not be able to keep up my current pace of posting. Tomorrow, we head off to Phoenix for the Regional Showstoppers Dance Competition.  The kids (and Suzanne) are really excited.  It’s a weekend away from the house and they get […]

More Spam Issues

Spam continues to be a problem here at Mr Papa’s World.  I recently wrote about some of the tools I use here. In the last week or so, I have run into some serious trouble with the Bad Behavior plugin blocking good folks like me!  Prior to about a week ago, it was stopping a […]

Websites and Computers

Today was an interesting day.  Most of it was spent in front of a computer, but the vast majority was not having fun.  We have always had some issues on our home LAN with our computers being able to see each other.  They were all running the same firewall software with the same settings but […]

Spam Attacks

Mr Papa’s World is constantly under attack from spammers.  Luckily, I have some pretty good tools in place to stop these idiots.  I thought I would pass along some statistics from spam attacks and how effective my tools (I didn’t write them) have been at stopping them. I run Akismet which attempts to stop comment […]