Mr Papa’s World 2006 Review

Okay, 2006 is in the books. Happy New Years to all! I thought I would pop up a quick post here just to review some statistics from this site for the last year.

  • 260 Posts made to Mr Papa’s World
  • 289 Comments to my posts (85 were my own comments)
  • 34 Folks commented on my posts
  • 2041 Characters was the average length of a post
  • 530683 Total characters were posted
  • 5 Polls were run with 29 votes cast

So quite a first year for Mr Papa’s World. It will be interesting to compare these numbers to the year ahead. And yes, a post reviewing the trip to Cloudcroft, NM is still coming. :whistle: 😎


  1. Steve, I don’t know if you have these stats for the whole year, but it would be interesting to see how many hits/unique visitors and pageviews you had. I know that you can get the info from Google Analytics, but you probably haven’t had that all year.

  2. No, I dont and I dont use google analytics anymore… The data seemed kind of odd and didnt correspond with a bunch of other stuff I collect… I stopped looking at it, so I finally just uninstalled the google stuff… maybe I can get the same stuff from Stattraq…

    Mr Papa

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