Mr Papa’s World Moving

Mr Papa’s World is changing hosts. This move to a new provider and server will provide us with a more reliable server and additional bandwidth. The move should be unnoticed by my readers, but ya never know. When the move is complete, I will post back here.


  1. Steve, which provider are you changing from/to? Just curious…..I use BlueHost and am pretty happy with them.

    For $6.95 a month I get 50 GB of web hosting space, ability to host up to 6 domains on 1 account and a whopping 999 GBs of monthly transfer (up from 750 GBs when I joined 2 months ago. It has been pretty reliable, although once in a blue moon I have trouble accessing the page for a brief moment.

  2. Thanks for the info Paul, but I have gone a diff route. Will send you an email with some of my wild ideas :cwy:

    Mr Papa

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