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Thursday we leave on a flight to Vancouver to begin our long awaited Alaskan cruise adventure onboard the Celebrity Mercury. The ship doesn’t actually depart Vancouver until Friday, but we get into Vancouver pretty late and won’t have time to enjoy the city. In fact, we are just staying at an airport hotel with plans to get an early start the next day.

If you remember, this is a family reunion cruise with my Mother, her sister and my sister Barb and her husband Walt. We have all been looking forward to this cruise. None of my family or Sean and Savannah, have been to Alaska before, so they are really excited. Suzanne and I cruise to Alaska 14 years ago on our honeymoon cruise. Alaskan cruising wasn’t nearly as popular back then as we were always the only ship in port. Today, from what I read, there will always be multiple ships in port. Hopefully, the increase in the number of people won’t be noticeable.

Through out the cruise be sure to check in at Mr Papa’s World for my daily cruise blog. I will post about what we did and saw each day. If things get hectic, I may not get a post up each day, but I will make a post for each day and catch up when I can. On our last cruise to Mexico, I only doubled up on one day.

You can also check out Suzanne’s daily cruise blog over at Cruise Talk Central and compare my daily blog to hers.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Putting aside my lost Passport and eventially finding it laying in the parking lot of my condo, the start of our trip is really exciting.

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