Rome – Transatlantic 2009 – Wrap Up

The cruise/vacation is officially over. Yesterday we returned home. Our day in Fort Lauderdale was restful and uneventful. None us wanted to do anything but relax, so about all we did was swim in the pool at the hotel and eat. With a 4:30 AM wake up call for our flight back home, we turned […]

Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 18 – Atlantic Crossing Day 5

Yesterday was the 5th sea day of the transatlantic crossing on the Celebrity Solstice. Weather again proved to be our friend as the weather reached into the 80’s with a slight breeze and sunny conditions. The sea state remained minimal with maybe 4 foot swells. I know I sound like a broken record, but we […]

Rome – Transatlantic 2009 Day 16 – Atlantic Crossing Day 3

Yesterday was the 3rd sea day of the Atlantic crossing on our Celebrity Solstice Rome to Fort Lauderdale transatlantic cruise. It was another beautiful sea day with the weather nice and the seas once again calm. Looks like luck will continue to be on our side and we will have another transatlantic cruise without bad […]

Vacation Time!

Yes! It’s finally here – or well at least will be in the morning! Our much anticipated vacation to Rome, Italy followed by a transatlantic cruise home. It definitely seems like more than a year since our last cruise, but it was this time last year we embarked on our trip to Barcelona, Spain followed […]

Barcelona and Transatlantic Cruise 2008 – Day 16 – Atlantic Crossing

[image title=”img_5017″ size=”thumbnail” id=”2117″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] Today was our fourth straight sea day as part of the Atlantic crossing. We have continued to be blessed by great weather and seas for the crossing. The seas have continued to remain very calm with swells of only 3 feet. The weather warms up every day as […]

Barcelona and Transatlantic Cruise 2008 – Day 14 – Atlantic Crossing

[image title=”img_4851″ size=”thumbnail” id=”2105″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] Today was second sea day as part of the Atlantic. The weather remained nice being warm and mostly sunny. In the afternoon, we could see a storm ahead of us and on both sides, but we were still in the sun. The Captain pulled up close to the […]

Barcelona and Transatlantic Cruise 2008 – Day 13 – Atlantic Crossing

[image title=”img_4775″ size=”thumbnail” id=”2100″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] Today was our first full sea day as part of the Atlantic Crossing having begun the journey yesterday upon leaving Las Palmas and the Canary Islands behind us. The weather immediately improved and the seas were cooperating. Today was our first real chance to enjoy the pool and […]

Barcelona and Transatlantic Cruise 2008 – Day 11 – Tenerife, Canary Islands

[image title=”img_4606″ size=”thumbnail” id=”2089″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] Today we had another port of call in the Canary Islands. Today’s stop was the island of Tenerife. The Canary Islands are part of Spain. Our stops in the Canary Islands have been busy with other cruise ships. Today, there were three other ships in port when we […]

Barcelona and Transatlantic Cruise 2008 – Day 5 – Leaving Barcelona

[image title=”img_4108″ size=”thumbnail” id=”2056″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] Today we boarded the Celebrity Summit to begin our 15 day transatlantic cruise. The cruise will take us to Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, across the Atlantic, St Martaan before concluding in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We boarded the ship around noon with a slight rainfall occurring. Getting […]

Family Reunions

Next year seems to be the year of family reunions. Currently, we have two on the plans for next year. My family, the Klasens, will be gathering in Michigan next year for a family reunion. The exact time is not yet established but it will be around the Fourth of July. The exact plan aren’t […]