National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 2 Savannah

Day 2 is in the books for Savannah at the Showstoppers West Coast National Finals Dance competition. She only had one dance today and will spend the rest of the day at workshops.

Her dance today was in the Junior Large Group Recreational class. The dance was in the Lyrical/Modern category. Savannah’s team performed “Masquerade” from “The Phantom of the Opera”. For their performance the girls earned a Gold 1st Place and finished 10th in the category.

This was an incredible category. Savannah was in the Junior category here even though she isnt that old because they take the average age of the girls and her team has a few older girls on it. Some of the teams that danced in this categroy were phenomenal and much more serious about dancing. Some of the things they did were hard to believe they were coming from girls 12 and under. They were fun to watch.

Overall, in the Junior Large Group Recreational class, they are already out of the top ten with more categories yet to dance.

Tomorrow, both Suzanne and Savannah will be performing their song and dance solos.

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