National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 3 Savannah

The 2006 National Showstoppers Dance Final is in the books for Suzanne and Savannah. Savannah completed her last dance this morning.

Today, she was entered in the Mini Soloclass in the Song and Dance category. She performed “Knock on Wood”. Her performance earned her a Gold 1st Place with a score of 105.8. She was the 1st place winner in the Mini Solo Song And Dance category. Unfortunately, she did not place in the top in the overall Mini Solo class. Still, she did the routine probably better than she ever has before and scored better than she did in the regional competition in Phoenix. Great Job Savannah!

Well, thats it for the competition for them. They will spend the rest of the day at Showstoppers taking some workshop classes. I think they like that as much as the competition. Suzanne even took a couple of hip hop classes. That must have been funny. She even commented “Thank God there werent any mirrors so I could see how bad I looked”.

Tonight, the girls will head to Downtown Disney for some food and dancing in the streets. They plan to stay late and watch the fireworks after the fun. They will get a leisurely start tomorrow morning and head on back to Sonoita. I dont expect them before dinner.

It sounds like they have really had a good time out there. I think perhaps even better than if Sean and I had gone. I think the girl alone time has been good for them and I know it has for Sean and I.


  1. Way to go girls

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