Quick Showstopper Update

The kids and I are having a fantastic time in Anaheim at the Showstopper Competition. For the kids, all of their Solo and Group numbers scored in the Gold award category. Thursday was a full day with Sean and Savannah performing their Mexican Folklorico routines Then Savannah’s Polynesian class performed their number followed by Sean […]

Showstopper Scores

The scores and results are now posted on the Showstopper Website. Here are the scores and some past scores for comparative purpose. Savannah’s Solo’s both got 79.5. Last year she got 79.0 at Regionals and 80.3 at Nationals. Sean’s solo got a 79.6. The closest thing with which to compare that result would be his […]

Showstopper Results

What a busy, but fabulous day we had yesterday at the Regional Phoenix Showstopper Dance competition. The highlight of the day for us was winning over-all awards in our age groups. Sean and Savannah won the overall award for recreational 8 & under (Average age) with their Mexican Polka “Norteno” performed with their Folklorico class. […]

Super Bowl Ads

What the hell is Mr Papa doing writing a post about the Super Bowl Ads instead of the game itself? Well, a few comments on the game… That may well have been the best Super Bowl Game ever. It was close the whole way, hard fought and riveting. And my full post on the Super […]

Math Counts Competition

Yesterday was the Southern Arizona Area Math Counts competition. Previously, I had mistakenly called it a county competition, but it was actually larger than that. Sean qualified to be on the Elgin team and compete with 7 other kids from the school. The competition is open to 6th – 8th grades. Sean was the only […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 3 Savannah

The 2006 National Showstoppers Dance Final is in the books for Suzanne and Savannah. Savannah completed her last dance this morning. Today, she was entered in the Mini Soloclass in the Song and Dance category. She performed “Knock on Wood”. Her performance earned her a Gold 1st Place with a score of 105.8. She was […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 3 Suzanne

Suzanne has just completed her last dance entry at the Showstoppers National Finals in Anaheim, CA. Today she did her song and dance routine to “All that Jazz”. She really nailed her performance and scored a Platinum 1st Place winning the Senior (15 and over) Solo Song and Dance category with a score of 112.4. […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 1 Suzanne

Suzanne completed her first day of dance competition late last night. Her one dance for the day was in the Senior Small Group Competitive in the Folkloric category. Yes, she was in the competitive class and not the recreational. I think this was because this group of dancers originally were in the teachers class due […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 1 Savannah

Savannah has completed her dance competitions for the day at the National Showstoppers West Coast Dance Finals. She had two routines today. I was able to watch them via the live webcast. Savannah’s two dances today were in the Mini Small Group Recreational competition. The first one was the Mini Small Group Recreational Character category […]

AZ State Spelling Bee Results

Well, the Arizona State Spelling Bee is in the books. We drove up to Phoenix on Friday morning for a couple of days of fun in conjunction with the spelling bee. The top 27 spellers in AZ competed for the right to go to the Scripps National Spelling Championship in DC. Sean was the lone […]