New Features on Website

I have a couple of new features to the website and I think I would give a quick run down of what they were:

  • I have added a new Pages sidebar item with links to some pages of interest outside the wordpress date hierarchy.
  • I recently started using tags on my posts – you may remember an earlier post about that. I have now added a Tags Map page. This page gives you a cosmos/heat map type of display of all my tags. You can than view related posts. The Tags Map is accessible via the previously mentioned new Pages sidebar item.
  • A couple of days ago, I posted about getting my Xbox 360 its own blog via the guys over at 360Voice. Since then, I have found a nice little wordpress plugin by Saccia over at Pure Digital Thought. I have taken that plugin, extended it and modified for my own use on Mr Papa’s World. You can now see the result on the blog page of my Xbox 360. You can access that blog via the previously mentioned new Pages sidebar item. Oh, the 360Voice guys were also nice enough to mention Mr Papa’s World the other day on their site after I mentioned them on mine. Pretty cool stuff…
  • Lastly, I have now added a link to a page that lists all of the wordpress plugins that I use on Mr Papa’s World. That link too can be found in the previously mentioned new Pages sidebar item. Most of these plugins are the work of others, but you will see a few of mine and some I have modded.

I hope you enjoy these new features on Mr Papa’s World.

Today is also the day that everyone arrives for the family reunion. We go to pick them up at the airport in a few hours. It looks like we never got any flight information from them (or lost it if we did) so it should be interesting. Luckily, Tucson International Airport is not too big and we can stake out at a couple of key chokepoints and should be able to spot them.

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