New Xbox 360 Arrives

Finally, the new (refurbished) Xbox 360 has arrived. It actually didnt take all that long to arrive, but Sean and I were really hoping to have it last week for our time alone at home while the girls were at the Showstoppers National Dance Finals.

If you remember, mine died a couple weeks back and Microsoft was nice enough to send me another unit despite mine being long out of warranty. They didnt have to do that and it actually impressed me, which isnt easy.

So, we unpacked the new Xbox 360, hooked up my old hard drive, attached all the cables and turned it on. We had to have the Xbox 360 re-connect with all the wireless controllers which wasnt surprising. Other than that, no issues as she came right to life. All of the profiles and downloads I had done prior were still solidly intact on the hard drive.

Let the games begin!!!

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