NFL Gridiron Trivia Boardgame

For Sean’s birthday, we got him a bunch of boardgames. He loves to play them as does the whole family. One of the games that we had purchased, but it hadnt released yet, was NFL Gridiron Trivia (cost $30). The game finally released last week and arrived at our house. We sat down to play it for the first time last night.

To be honest, I wasnt expecting much. For the most part, I am not a fan of trivia games. I usually do pretty well at them, but the fun level just isnt that high. Sitting around a boardgame just answering questions from memory gets old quickly. But, I am a huge NFL fan so I was hoping this one would be different.

Boy, it sure was. The game was complete fun. The four of us played. It was Savannah and I against Suzanne and Sean. This boardgame is laid out in a Jeopardy manner. There is five categories (offense, defense, teams, honors and audibles), with each category having five point values (100, 200, 300, 400 and 500). When its your turn, you pick a category and point level just like Jeopardy. The higher the point value, the harder the question.

When you pick your category, you also potentially reveal a modifier card. There are five of them (2 turnovers, 2 replay down and 1 hail mary). If you get a turnover, your turn ends. If you get a replay down card, you get two chances to get the question right. If you get a hail mary card and answer it correctly, the score value is 4x.

The game also adds some strategy in because if you get five squares (category and point level box) in a row (up,down or diagonal) correct, you get a line score which is 3000 points (versus the 1500 points if you added up the 5 point values). So there is strategy in how you choose your questions to try to get a line score or block the opposing team from getting a line score.
After all squares are answered correctly by someone, the team with the most points wins. The winners of our game last night was Savannah and I. Hooah!

The NFL Gridiron Trivia game was quite enjoyable because it was more than just answering trivia quesitons. We all found the game to be fun and I suspect we will play it many times. I would highly recommend this game to others.


  1. Yeah Savannah! Way to go.

  2. By the way Grammy, this was your present to Sean this year… He loves it and thanks you… He tried to call you once, but didnt leave a message.. he was supposed to send an email today, but….

    Mr Papa

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