Movie Fest

As Suzanne and the kids have been in Dallas since the cruising visiting with her family, I have had an opportunity to watch a lot of old classic movies. Well, maybe not really classics, but old movie that I really like. Last night was a bit different as I rented a couple of movies that […]

New Digital Camera

I finally broke down and bought Suzanne a new digital camera. I have been frustrated with hers ever Âsince she damaged a couple of parts on it a while back. After some research and trading off features versus cost, I decide on the Canon Powershot A630. Its an 8 mexapixel camera with decent ISO and […]

Risk: The Clone Wars and NutriSystem Update

We recently had picked up another boardgame that we gave our first spin to this weekend. The game was Risk: The Clone Wars. Its another in the modification series of the long living, popular Risk boardgame. I grew up as a kid many years ago playing Risk. I have very fond memories of many Summer […]

NFL Gridiron Trivia Boardgame

For Sean’s birthday, we got him a bunch of boardgames. He loves to play them as does the whole family. One of the games that we had purchased, but it hadnt released yet, was NFL Gridiron Trivia (cost $30). The game finally released last week and arrived at our house. We sat down to play […]

New Website in Development

I guess I shouldnt have been so quick to talk about my “free time” and looking for some projects to work on. Suzanne got wind of it and decided that I should spend that energy on developing a new website for her. Sounds like a win – win situation to me. For a while now, […]

Sunday Activities

I was hoping to relax this Sunday and close out the vacation. But alas, it wont happen. This was my first vacation of the year and most of it was spent on the family reunion. It was a very pleasant vacation and time away from work. After all of the expenditures over the last couple […]