No Country For Old Men

Holy Cow, what a bad movie that was. We should have known better being that No Country For Old Men won Best Picture, but still, we gave it a shot because of the long list of stars in the movie. Suzanne has been saying that “her 10 year kid could have written a better ending than that”.

It was kind of a shame too, because the movie had its moments and had a decent plot. You had a drug deal gone bad with a local country bumpkin finding the money. Of course, the bad guys wanted the money back. It just kept deviating from that main thread and wasting time in areas that added absolutely nothing to the movie. I still don’t understand why Tommy Lee Jones was in the movie and what it added.

All of the melodramatic (and yet sort of monotone) acting was over the top for me too. Suzanne and Sean also did not enjoy the movie. For comparison, a third or fourth run through of Mission Impossible III earlier in the weekend was much more enjoyable.

Take my advice and pass on the movie No Country For Old Men. There are lots better movies out there to watch. Just another reminder to avoid most of the big award winners from the Oscars.


  1. So…what you are saying is…this is No Movie for Old Men? 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  2. no movie for anyone 😎 but I resemble that remark…

  3. It is so obvious why the pretentious Hollywood elite insiders picked this movie. They like to pretend that they are better than the common people who like a movie with a decent or at least climactic ending. This movie was ending was entirely anticlimactic. I said my 10 year old could have made a better ending, heck by dog could have come up with a better ending. But apparently Hollywood is famous for its “Hollywood Endings” and to win best picture you have make the end of movie totally suck, so you can pretend to know better than everyone else.

    I did like the scenery. It looks like 1/2 the movie could have been filmed in my part of Arizona, but I think that those scenes were filmed in the part of New Mexico that shares very similar climate, flora and fauna as our “neck of the woods.”

  4. Guess that explains why I haven’t been to the movies in a couple of years – just not much worth watching.

  5. To the movie theater? me neither… about once every two years… but we watch movies all the time on our home system… better experience than the theater…

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