NutriSystem Delivery

Wow, we were cutting it close – or should I say that NutriSystem was. I was all but out of food when the new shipment finally arrived last night. That is kind of strange, since we signed up for the auto-shipment.

Each shipment is supposed to be four weeks and then a new shipment arrives. I guess they figured since they sent us the first shipment and included a free week of food, that we didnt need the shipment quite as soon. The problem was that a lot of the free shipment was powered shake mixes and such and I dont really care to try those.

As I got down to the end of the supply, it was strange as I wished for more choices. The food is still enjoyable and have found very few that I wouldnt order again. But, I guess its part of the “fun” to have a selection of food to choose from. If there’s only one to choose from, it’s like you are being forced to eat something specific. It’s a mental thing and strange.

I think I will see if I cant move the next shipment up a bit, to always ensure a variety of choice. Its nice being able to go online too and mix up the selection of foods. That should aid in not getting tired of the food. So far, I am content on this NutriSystem diet.

Last Monday marked 4 weeks with a loss of 16 pounds. Hopefully, the downward trend continues. Tomorrow, I start a new exercise routine to go with the diet. I am sure that is going to be as much or more of a factor than the NutriSystem. I guess one of the guys working for me last week having heart bypass surgey may help spur me to more action.


  1. I wandered in looking for other NS bloggers. You must have been on the system about the same amount of time as I have been, but you are doing way better with weight loss 😛 I’ve added you to my blogroll and hope to hear more good new from you!

  2. Hey Vigilant20, welcome… I try to post every Monday about my progress. I have been pretty happy with the results and program thus far. Just need to get back on the loss side this week 🙂

    Mr Papa

  3. You have really done great!! Keep it up!!

  4. Thanks Barb! Give it a try – it’s actually pretty easy and satisfying, though I doubt you would get Walt to join in. It certainly helps with both Suzanne and I doing it.

    Mr Papa

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