NutriSystem Diet Update Week 4

Week four of the NutriSystem diet for me is in the books. I was a bit apprehensive this morning as I approached the scales. I was expecting bad news as last week was not what I would classify as a good dieting week.

We had the wine tasting on Monday night where we sampled many different, new wines. For the first three weeks of the diet, I hadnt had any alcohol to drink in the spirit of dieting. I really dont know how many equivalent glasses of wine I had that night, but it must have been half a dozen. In addition, we stopped off at the lounge at the hotel after the wine tasting and snacked on some nachos. They certainly didnt qualify as NutriSystem friendly.

Suzanne and I also had a two glasses of wine each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night to celebrate the long labor day weekend. Wine isnt strictly forbid on NutriSystem, but they are a significant source of calories. I did manage to skip the dessert 2 of the nights this weekend, but I dont think it was a fair calories trade.

In addition, we went out to dinner on Saturday evening. We had gone in Tucson to see a movie and on the way home, decided just to grab a bite to eat out. We stopped and had some Mexican food. I did pretty good not going crazy there, but am sure I was again over on calories. I ate only a few chips with salsa, which was the hardest, because I love them. We all split some chicken quesadillas for an appetizer. For the entree, I went with a fajita chicken salad.

The dinner out was a nice break/release for the prepared food of NutriSystem. I still find that the NutriSystem food is for the most part, just fine. We are getting down to th end of our first shipment of food, so the pickings are getting slim. We do the autoship method, so the next shipment should be on its way. It should give me more selections once again.

Anyways, back to the weight loss progress this week. After all the above, I still managed to lose 1 pound. I was quite pleased since I had expected no loss or maybe even a slight gain. That makes four consecutive weeks of weight loss with a total loss of 16 pounds. Back to the grind this week…

In other news, if you missed it, The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin was killed yesterday. He was diving down in Australia and was filming a documentary. He was simming over a stingray when it panicked and ended up putting its tail with the barb right through Steve Irwin’s heart. There was no chance for him or anyone to do anything. I mention this because the kids kind of grew up watching his Crocodile Hunter show when they were little. They really enjoyed it and him with his mannerisms and Australian accent. I always figured he was going to get killed one day, but thought it would be a snake or croc that got him.


  1. Steve, good news on your diet. We went to Macaroni Grill yesterday and had spaghetti and meatballs….I only ate half of it….but when I looked at the nutritional info when I got home, I saw it was 2,270 calories, had I eaten the whole plate!!! I nearly fell over. So….moral of the story is, PLAN AHEAD!! Had I known it woul dbe THAT many calories, I would have opted for soup!

    As far as Steve Irwin, I agree with you….I always expected his death to be more in line with th dangers he dealt with. Sounds like the sting ray incident was just a freak thing….what are the chances of getting it right in the heart??

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