Our Home in Sonoita is For Sale

That’s hard to say, but yes, we have put our home in Sonoita, AZ for sale. Why? Well, at least its not because we have too. There is no impending job change (about 24 years and counting and quite happy) or any financial hardship reason for selling the house. We have just come to the decision that at this point in time, for our family, its probably the right thing to do and move back a bit closer to town.

I absolutely LOVE living in Sonoita. I have always wanted to live in the country and the last 8 years have been wonderful. But, being located 45 minutes from the nearest grocery store and a good hour from work has put a premium on time. And now with Sean in high school 45 minutes away, we are constantly on the go. Savannah is only a year or so away from high school and that will only make it harder. During football season, my daily routine was to get up at 5:30 and go to work dropping Sean at school on the way. When I left work, I would then pick him up after practice and return home usually about 7:30 pm. That’s a long day. Suzanne and Savannah were also pulled in similar directions for her dance classes in Sierra Vista.

The time away from the house as severely limited my workout time. Since Sean started high school, I have seen my workouts go from 5 or 6 days a week to maybe 1 – not good! The long days have also meant a lot more weekends where we felt like doing nothing.

So time is the primary reason for considering moving. I say considering because in this economic environment there is a strong likelihood that our house will not sell (and not convinced that would be a bad thing!). Since our move would be for convenience, we do not have to sell and will not be taking any old offer on the house. Of course, we can’t get what we could have gotten 2 or 3 years ago. One positive is that in the couple weeks before Christmas, 3 roughly comparable homes have sold in Sonoita – or is that bad 😉

Being a techno geek, I just had to put together a website to showcase the house and provide potential buyers with more info than typically available on a realtor page or a flyer. Plus, maybe we will only get serious buyers coming and looking at the house. Have a visit to Our Sonoita Home is For Sale website and let us know what you think.

We really don’t know what to expect here. Suzanne and Savannah are already looking at homes closer to Tucson (but not IN town) but I will wait for movement on the house. I do not make a good window shopper. Should we get the option to purchase a new home, we will likely downsize to since its not the distant in the future when the kids will head off to college and then their own homes.

Wish us luck!


  1. Paul Tobin says

    Good luck with the house, it is a beautiful place (even the Mojaves think so…that is why I could never live in that part of the country…..I hate snakes!). Tough news today from Tucson…..

  2. Thanks Paul! Lucky part is we dont have to sell and can be quite happy to just stay here.

    Yeah been a bit consumed watching the news today. Used to shop at that grocery store and the little girl killed went to the same church we did when we lived in town.

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