Quick Update

Just a quick update… I wish I could say it was because I have been playing Halo 3, but sadly, this is not true. In fact, after my brief post on the Halo 3 coop mode action with Sean, I have only played maybe an hour of Halo 3. About half that was in single player campaign mode and the other half more coop with Sean. A minor detail is that I haven’t found Halo 3 as compulsive as previous versions. The game is fun, but maybe its time for the series to end after all. I find myself eagerly awaiting Call of Duty 4 in November.

The time has not been spent with World of Warcraft either. I did get in a couple of hours Sunday evening, but the game time has been very limited there too. I now have my Shadow Priest up to level 32. Still, a long ways to go to 70.

I wish I could say it was in updating all my websites to the latest WordPress release. Again, not true. I have update two of my sites, but have six more to go. Between time and plugin compatibility, I am not in a hurry to do it.

I guess the reason for my business has been work and family stuff lately. At work, I have a couple of projects to get done and have been putting in a few hours. Hopefully, that will ease up in the next few weeks. I have also been pretty religious about working out five days a week for 30+ minutes, so that limits the time. The weekends have been busy with family activities. The last two Saturdays we have spent on the road for Sean’s football games. Luckily, this weekend is a home game, so much less travel time. Sundays have been occupied with NFL football and my beloved Lions. Speaking of the Lions, how come no one comes and discusses them with me on Lions Fans Online? I know some of my readers are Lions fans.

I have also been doing some cooking for some charity events in the area. Last weekend I made four Banana Butterfinger cakes for our church. We are getting close to starting construction on our church. Its been a long time in coming, but we hope to have the architectural plans rapped up soon and to break ground before too long. We just received word that our Priest is leaving, so hopefully, that won’t affect the construction plans.

My beloved vacation time of the year is fast approaching too. I usually take off the week of Thanksgiving and three weeks in December. Its great family time and a chance for me to catch up on a bunch of things. This is also my last chance to use my vacation bank at work. I either take the time off this year, or they pay me out on the long ago accrued time. I could take off almost another 3 weeks this year or get paid an additional 3 weeks. A couple of key programmatic decisions over the next couple of weeks will determine whether I take almost all of Nov and Dec off or just take the cash.

As for the new fall season on TV, I have DVRed some series to give them a shot. I historically, haven’t watched much TV, but I may try a few of the new shows. Two and a Half Men, The Unit, Numbers, and NCIS are a given for me and Sean to watch. So far, I have high hopes for Big Bang Theory and Burn Notice. Maybe I will do a post later on what I think of some of the other shows as I get a chance to watch them on the HD DVR.

Until next time…

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