Ricky Bobby

Okay, that’s the main character’s name from Talladega Nights, a comedy about a Nascar driver. Wil Ferrell is the star. Based on the trailers, it did not look like a movie we would enjoy – not really our style of humor. Last night, the family got together to watch this movie.

The family absolutely loved the movie and laughed heartily throughout. Now, it’s probably not the best movie for kids as it does have some adult humor. Those moments just went over the heads of our kids. At least we hope so. 😉

It was genuinely funny and a good night for the family, to our surprise. Based on the trailers, we didn’t put it on our rental list, but it came up on a pay per view list last night and we gave it a run. Savannah may have laughed the hardest. If you want a laugh, give the movie a view.

After the movie, the girls went to bed and the boys enjoyed another movie, True Lies. It’s an old movie, but we give it a watch once or twice a year as we enjoy it.


  1. We enjoyed that movie as well. If you are in the right mood, it is a real gut-buster. We let the kids watch it as well, but, as you say there was soime adult humor that I think went over their heads. I really cracked up when the kid told the grandpa he was going to come at him “like a spider monkey”. Not sure why, but that made me laugh. That and all of the dialogue during the dinner prayer.

  2. It was funny. The kids have been talking about it all day. In fact, we decided to go into town tonight for dinner to celebrate their good report cards and they insisted on eating at Applebee’s because it was in the movie.

  3. Bernard Doddema says

    Spider monkey part was funny. Didn’t care for the lack of respect they showed their grandfather but….did love the argument where Bobby talks about baby Jesus because that’s how he likes to remember him, not as the sandal-wearing Jesus but baby infant Jesus.

    Applebee’s scenes were hilarious.

    My wife didn’t watch so since I stay home during the day, I saw it.

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