Sad News, The Puppy Didn’t Make It

I just got off the phone with the adoption agency and the puppy didn’t make it. He just went down hill too quickly before they could get him to the doctor.

So pray for Savannah, she’s a bit heart broken. The lady is going to take him for a necropsy tomorrow, thinking that he got the diarrhea and then just went down hill quickly from another underlying condition. They had gotten the doctor to call in antibiotics for him but he went down hill too quickly.

We are hoping to find another dog,and his two sisters are probably first in line as long as they are healthy and SueEllen can accept another female dog around the house.

Talk about a roller coaster of highs and lows. We bought all his stuff he needed at Walmart tonight from a collar to bowls to puppy food and even chew toys. I’m so sad.


  1. So sorry to hear that…..tell Savannah we are thinking of her

  2. So sad. Poor Savannah. Poor Smokey. Maybe the best thing is to get another puppy soon. My best to all.

  3. Yes, sad news.

    Savannah, we know you will find another good dog to love.

  4. So sad to go from new puppy, few worries, to puppy didn’t make it…we’re thinking about you all.

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