Savannah Donates Her Hair

A while back Savannah heard about a program where, after a haircut, you could donate your hair for the making of a wig for those who are suffering from cancer or some other ailment or treatment where they had lost their hair. The only catch was that you had to have 7 inches or more hair cut off to ensure that there was enough to make a full wig. Since then, Savannah has been letting her hair grow out so she could donate her hair for the making of a wig.

Last weekend, Savannah decided it was time for a hair cut and the donation. She had 8 inches of hair cut off and was very happy to donate it for a wig. Personally, I think she looks much nicer with the short hair.

As parents, we are obviously proud that she wanted to do something like this on her own.

Below are three images from her haircutting donation experience.

savannah-before.jpg savannah-cut.jpg savannah-after.jpg
Before the Haircut During the Haircut After the Haircut


  1. Savannah,

    We really like the new look! And we are very proud of you for donating your hair to someone who needs a wig during treatment for a serious disease.

    We love you,

    Grandmother and Grandpop

  2. What a great thing to do for Savannah…..We are very proud of her too….Love the new look….

  3. Great idea! What a wonderful thing to do for those in need.

  4. WAY TO GO SAVANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are beautiful inside and out and with any length hair.

  5. We too are proud of you! I’m sure you will make someone very happy with your loving gesture!

    Barb and Walt

  6. Very cool! You’ll be blessed for it Savannah!

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