Savannah Wins Veterans Day Essay Contest

Every year, the kids school gets very heavily into Veterans Day. They have big festivities complete with Army Marching Band, guest speakers and every year up until this year, a military flyover. The rural community has always supported the school well and this celebration is no different as many attend the school’s festivities.

One of the other attractions for the kids and community is the annual Veteran Day’s Essay contest for the school kids. This year, Savannah’s 5th grade essay was picked as a winner. I thought I would reprint her essay here.

Veterans Helping Hands

Everyone in the military is important, but not just fighting for our Country. They help with natural disasters and problems all over the World.

The armed forces helped a lot during Hurricane Katrina. Since so many people did not evacuate New Orleans, they had to save people in trees, on top of buildings, and the ones trapped in buildings. It was really sad for the armed forces to see all of the people who didn’t survive on the streets, but they still completed the job.

Veterans also help in everyday things like poor people. They also make big donations to charities. The Marines sponsor “Toys for Tots” too. They do a lot more things than these to help our Country.

People in the military also help by fighting for Democracy. They are fighting in Iraq so that they can have a Country without Islamic Fascism. If we do not finish the fight in Iraq, Iran might try to take over Iraq and establish more Islamic Fascism. So that’s why I honor the military people in Iraq helping to save their Country.

I also honor the armed forces because they help in natural disasters, they fight in war, and help out in everyday things. But there is one more thing I forgot about Veteran. They are strong when we are weak.

She was worried when she submitted the essay that it would be considered too conservative so she was very excited when she won. It surprised me too, but only because I hadn’t seen it until after she won. Congratulations Savannah!

Oh, about the military flyover… It seems this year and edict came out that the Pentagon has to approve all flyovers, so it had to be scrapped for the year.


  1. Great job Savannah! You make us proud.

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