I Finally See One of Sean’s Basketball Games

I finally had an opportunity to see on of Sean’s basketball games yesterday. All of his games start at 3:30 in the afternoon which means leaving work about 2:30 just to get to the close games. Most would require me to leave even earlier. The middle school games are supposed to be organized into A, […]

Savannah Wins Veterans Day Essay Contest

Every year, the kids school gets very heavily into Veterans Day. They have big festivities complete with Army Marching Band, guest speakers and every year up until this year, a military flyover. The rural community has always supported the school well and this celebration is no different as many attend the school’s festivities. One of […]

Sean Changes Baseball Teams

Sean has decided to change baseball teams this upcoming season. He is right on the age limit between what the baseball league terms minor and majors. He could play minors again this season, but it would be with a bunch of younger kids. So, he wants to play majors. Unfortunately, our small little, rural community […]