Sean Completes 10K Fund Raiser

Today, Sean and his 6th grade class completed their 10K fund raiser walk. The kids walked 10K from their school down to one of the local vineyards and then back. Each way was 5K. The entire class was able to complete the walk.

The fund raiser was and early start on a fund raiser for an educational program the kids will be doing in 8th grade. As part of that program, they spend a week at Catalina Island in California do some studying. If you supported Sean and sponsored him in this fund raiser, you will probably be hearing from him as he collects.


  1. Way to go SEAN !! We will send your $30 !!

  2. BTW… the studying at Catalina Island is a marine biology camp…

  3. Thanks Grandpop! The walk was a piece of cake. I could have gone another 10K.

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