Sean Still Cheering His Patriots To Hopefully A Perfect Season

Our son Sean is a HUGE New England Patriots football fan. Last August, Sean’s room got a complete makeover themed in Patriots stuff. It was out with the western theme and in with the Patriots. He’s got Patriots curtains, bedding, pennants and wall hangings. He’s even got a deluxe Tedi Bruschi #54 pennant and Bruschi poster. Not even the “Spy Gate” scandal at the beginning of the season could dissuade him from routing for his favorite team. Our house has been very happy this football season because, so far we have not had to endure a disappointed little boy pouting about his team loosing. It has also been a lot of fun for me to have a winning team to cheer on with my favorite team, the Detroit Lions, failing again.

The happiness in our household pales in comparison to the historical significance of the Patriots trying to pull off the perfect season. I’ve enjoyed reading about some of the other teams that have achieved the much sought after perfect season. Most people know about the Miami Dolphins perfect season in 1972, but I didn’t realize that the Cleavland Browns had a perfect season in 1948. It is probably not mentioned much like the Dolphins and Patriots because it occurred prior to the current Super Bowl era. I found a great article about the Browns season over at 20 Yardline

They also have named who they feel are the best Patriots players ever at each position on their “All Time Team”. My favorite on the list is probably Ben Coates. He was on my very first Fantasy Football team and helped me win our league championship way back in the 1995/1996 season.

The 20 Yardline site also has a very nice NFL encyclopedia. Sean is loving their New England Patriots history stuff. He is currently working on a research paper for school on the subject of the Super Bowl. He is planning to use this site for some of his research.

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