Sean’s Team Wins Again

Sean’s baseball team is now 3 – 0. They won their game Thursday night by a score of 17 – 6. They pretty much had their way with the opponent.

Sean was the catcher once again. Like last game, he game out near the end to give the other catcher some work. After the pitcher walked four straight batters, he complained to the coach that the catcher was the reason and that he wanted Sean back in the game. The other catcher missed about every other pitch and had a habit of standing up in the middle of the pitcher’s windup causing him to have issues. After Sean came back in the game at catcher, the pitcher promptly struck out the next three batters to end the game.

At the plate, Sean had a very good night, going two for two. The first at bat, he hit a rocket one hopper to the third baseman. He was lucky to get a glove on it, but couldn’t make a play. On the second at bat, Sean hit a shot into left field that one hopped to the left fielder. Ten feet to the left or right and Sean could have run for days. It was just bad luck that it was right at the left fielder. Still, he got two RBIs for the hit.

Due to the horse races in Sonoita this weekend, Sean doesn’t have a game on Saturday.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Great start, Sean — 3 and 0.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I need to take the camera one night and get some pictures.

  3. Way to go Sean. What a well-rounded athlete. Used to love watching your papa play baseball. (he was a catcher, too)

  4. Gee, maybe the Grandmothers should come visit and see a game… 😉

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