Sean “Wins” Lottery

We recently posted about Sean having to enter a lottery for his high school choice. Since we live in rural Arizona and in an area without a high school, kids get to choose which high school they want to go to. There are about 5 realistically choices in the area (ie within 45 mins) where they could go. As Suzanne alluded to in that post, Sean had picked Empire High School in Vail.

Empire is also known as Laptop High since the students have no books and generate no paper. Each student is issued a laptop and all studies, lessons, homework, tests etc are done either online or on the laptop. Its also a medium size high school being class 3 in Arizona sports categorization. Having gone to a very small K-8 school, Sean wanted a medium size school instead of a large one.

However, Empire only accepts 225 applications for admission each year. If more than that number apply, there is a lottery. This year 268 students applied, so, as Suzanne mentioned, there would be a lottery to see who was accepted.

Today, we learned that Sean was among the lucky 225 accepted into enrollment as Freshman. So, its off to Vail Empire High School next year for Sean.

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