Sean’s Baseball Season In Full Swing

If its Spring time and we seem busy than usual, it must be baseball season. And it is in full swing. Sean wanted to play with some older and more capable kids this year so he is now playing in a neighboring city instead of Sonoita. When I say neighboring, keep in mind we live in very rural America. The city is 30 minutes away.

The busy schedule has him with practices on Monday evening. He then has games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday afternoon. This schedule keeps us hopping pretty good. The Tuesday and Thursday games are usually somewhat “local” and anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes from home. The Saturday games are as far as 90 minutes away.

So far this season, Sean’s team is off to a nice 3 – 1 start. After losing their opening game, they have run off three straight victories and are starting to come together as a team. The pitchers are finding starting to get their rhythm and the bats are starting to loosen up. With a planned 18 games this season, we still have quite a ways to go. The regular season is then followed by the playoffs and state tournament competition.

Once again, Sean is playing catcher this year. He is having a hot and cold season at the plate. He is hitting nicely, with a nice amount of doubles and triples. However, he also has some strikeouts against him as he is still learning to protect the plate with 2 strikes. He has taken too many called third strikes to suit me.

So if you are looking for us for the next couple months, we are likely at the ballpark. And just think, when baseball season ends, we get a short break before football season begins. Oh, and Savannah is still taking her dance classes five nights a week.

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