Sean’s Baseball Team Moves To 2 – 0

If it’s Spring time and Saturday, it must be time for a baseball game for Sean. However, today hardly seemed like Spring as the temperature was only in the mid 50’s with a chilly wind. It’s been in the upper 70’s or low 80’s for the past couple of weeks.

Once again, Sean’s team was victorious by a score of 10 – 7. It was a close game with the opposing team having two runners on base in the last inning when our relief pitcher struck out the last two batters for the victory.

Sean again started the game behind the plate. He did another great job stopping the ball behind the plate. I must say, last year, I had my doubts about his viability as a catcher, but he is dispelling those thoughts this year. He still needs to work on arm strength and his throws to second, but he clearly has the knack now to keep the ball in front of him on wild pitches. After the third inning, the coach moved Sean to third base to give the backup catcher some more work. That only lasted about half the inning as the other kid tries but isn’t really a catcher yet. This is his first year in that position, so he is learning. However, several dozen passed balls and three runs scoring largely in part because of those passed balls, and Sean was back behind the plate.

Today, wasn’t as good for Sean at the plate. His first at bat, he laid down a perfect bunt along the first base line and easily beat it out for a single. He looked pretty bad at his second at bat striking out. The first two swings looked pretty horrible and weren’t even close to the ball. Then, he misread the sign from his coach at third base and tried to lay down another bunt, but fouled it off for the third strike.

The family enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch after the game at a local eatery before Suzanne and Savannah headed off for a baby shower. The boys dug in to the Xbox 360.

Looks like the start of wild fire season is quickly approaching. Earlier this week, a small 20 acre wild fire started, but was quickly extinguished. We didn’t get very much winter rain this year, so a particularly harsh fire season is forecast. This one was a good 30 miles or so away, but gives us a nice reminder to tidy up the outside and make sure there isn’t any fire fuels near the home.

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