Sean’s Baseball Team Still Undefeated

Yesterday, Sean’s baseball team extended their undefeated season winning their game by a score of 13 – 0 and moving their record to 8 – 0. They continue to dominate every team in the league. Thus far, their closest game was 8 runs.

Sean has been catching the whole game, as his coach, like me, is a former catcher and got tired of the backup catcher chasing balls to the backstop. Sean and the new glove continue to meld as he gets more and more comfortable with it. We continue to work on his batting as he makes contact but isn’t really hitting with that much power. He has a very good eye and doesn’t strike out much.

Tonight, the kids had their summer music recital and play at the school as the year winds down. I think next week is their last week of school. Savannah surprised us at the recital as she had a solo on the recorder. She did a wonderful rendition of Ode to Joy. It was a surprise to us that she had the solo, but she had been practicing the song at home quite a bit the past couple of weeks. She thinks she will start playing the flute next year.

Sean had a lead part in the play and did quite himself. He got to play an old man, Mr History, and really threw himself into the part. He got a bunch of laughs from the crowd with his old man voice.

Posting has been hard lately as I seem to have run into some more internet access issues. My Xbox 360 doesn’t connect anymore and net access has been spotty. Working with my host to resolve. Looks like progress is being made. I guess that’s what I get for living in the sticks…


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Savannah, what a wonderful surprise for your mom and papa!

    Sean, so you are quite the actor? And congratulations on your winning season–keep up the good work.

    Happy Summer Vacation!


  2. Sean informs that there is still two more days of school the week after Memorial Day…

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