Sean’s Ski Report

Sean had a fantastic time during his ski trip at Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley yesterday. Mt. Lemmon is in the Catalina Mountains above Tucson. One of his friends from school was going up there on Sunday to ski and asked if Sean wanted to go along.

This was Sean’s second time skiing. So, he again took some lessons on Mt. Lemmon. There was only 5 people in his ski class, so it was a much better way for him to learn to ski than our trip to Ruidoso last Christmas. During that trip the rentals were expensive, the lessons and beginner hill were crowded, and he had quite a hard time. By contrast he was able to purchase his rental, lift tickets and lesson package for just $33.

He took his lesson in the morning and by afternoon he was out skiing trails. He mostly skied blues and greens, but he accidentally ended up on a black. He said he skied that one on his rear end. Overall, he did very well for just his second time skiing and his instructors complimented him on catching on quickly.

We are so thankful to Sean’s friends for inviting him along for the fun day. It was the perfect opportunity for him to use his happy new year gift from his Grandmother Anne.

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