Sean’s Team Doesn’t Lose

No, they didn’t win either. Technically, I guess they did lose as they had to forfeit only having 10 players for the game today. The weather has been pretty rough today – on and off rain – and several kids didn’t show up or did other things because they didn’t think we would play in the rain.

That kind of thought pretty much sums up the team – not really football players. Sean was disappointed. He was ready to go and with only two more games after today, he really wanted to play. It wasn’t even raining that hard and definitely no thunder and lightning, so not sure why you wouldn’t even bother to check.

Its been a fun day other than driving out for the game and then coming right back. The temperature has been wonderful, hovering around 70 all day. We shut the air conditioning off a few weeks ago and are just enjoying the cool breezes in the day and evenings. At nights, the temperature dips, so we have to close up the house.

The cancellation will give Sean and I a bit more gaming time today – woot!

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