Sean’s Team Loses Again

Game #2 of Sean’s baseball season is in the books. Like the first game, this one was another defeat. This time, the boys lost by a score of 10 – 3. It was a rather odd game to have to sit through and watch.

If I remember correctly, the pitchers on Sean’s team limited the opposition to 1 hit. Yes, 1 hit – okay, maybe I missed one and it was two. You know what that means – lots and lots of walks and stolen bases and keystone cops type playing. It was extremely painful to watch. In addition, Sean’s team scored all 3 of their runs in the last inning.

For some odd reason, Sean was tagged to play first base this game. Some other kid begged the coach to let him catch and he relented (and he actually didn’t do bad). Sean got real nervous because he has played first base exactly zero times in his life. I gave him about 2 minutes of instruction before he took the field. Luckily, perhaps, there wasn’t a single play at first the whole game except for the two grounders to him that he flawlessly fielded and made the outs.

At bat, Sean went 2 for 2 with two solid singles to the outfield. He was stranded on base both times.

Watching four pitchers on the mound for Sean’s team throw wild pitch after wild pitch made for a very long game. Perhaps it was best Sean didn’t catch this game because the catcher got the workout of the century.

Two more games on tap for next week. Oh, have the first place team from last year back – maybe we should have done the traveling team this year, but Sean didn’t want to.


  1. Has Sean considered pitching? With a few instructions from the pitching coach, perhaps he could really be good — and show that new catcher what catching is reall all about!

  2. Pitching coach? guess that would have to be me… out here in the sticks, we are happy to get folks that volunteer their time, but their coaching skills are lacking…

    No, I think catcher is the best spot for Sean… Having been a career catcher myself, I had hoped he would end up elsewhere, but fate has steered him there…

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