Sean’s Team Moves to 3 – 0

I must say, I continue to be surprised by Sean’s Baseball team this year. Frankly, I wasnt expecting much and they continue to surprise me and play really well. Today, they took home a 10 – 6 victory in a close, hard fought game. It was actually a pitcher’s duel, if that can be said for a group of 8 and 9 year olds. All pitchers were throwing strikes and forcing the batters to hit the ball. At this age, the game usually includes a fair number of walks – not today.

Going into the bottom of the 5th, Sean’s team was holding a slim lead at 6- 4 when one of his teammates emptied the bases with a grand slam home run. Now, the boys had to protect that 10 – 4 lead in the top of the 6th, the last inning (there is time limit on games). They gave up two runs, but hung on for the victory. Sean played the first half of the game in left field and the second half behind the plate.

I helped umpire this game, calling the bases. In all the umpiring I have done, this was one of my busiest days. I definitely got my exercise today. Hmmm, maybe I should do this more often. I dont remember the last time I had to make this many calls at the bases in a little league game like this. A bunch of them were fairly close too. No one yelled at me, so I guess I did alright. Umpiring always makes the game more interesting.

Sean’s next game is Wednesday evening. I will have to miss this one too, as i leave Monday morning on a business trip and wont return until Thursday evening.


  1. Yea Sean. I love to watch the kids play baseball. Brings back memories to think of him catching like his papa used to.

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