Showstopper National Dance Competition Photos Uploaded

Today, we have completed the uploading of the recent Showstopper National Dance Competition photos here at Mr Papa’s World. The dance competition was held in Anaheim, CA in mid-July. It was held at the Disney Land Resort. It was five days of fun filled action for the Klasens as they brought home the Gold in several events.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

In addition, one of the local papers, the Nogales International, recently ran an article about the Klasen efforts at Showstoppers. Be sure to check it out too.


  1. Just finished viewing all the pictures. Loved the Alaska ones. Almost felt like I was there again.

    The Showstoppers were also very enjoyable. The blurbs that were written explaining the shots were great.

  2. hey Mom, do you look at a slide show or the bigger images? or just look at the thumbnails?

  3. Just got done viewing the dance pictures, looks like you all had so much fun…the pictures of alaska were great too!! I look at the thumbnails because of the description and then enlarge various ones….sometimes I will view the slide show but not usually..

  4. Great photos that show the excitement and enthusiasm of the dance competition and the trip to Anaheim!

    Thanks — and again, congratulations!


  5. Great article……great job!

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