Showstopper Web Cast Schedule

Next week is Showstopper National Dance Competition for Suzanne and the kids. The whole family will be making the trek this year.

Once again, Showstopper is doing live webcast of the dance competition this year. So, get your PC ready and tune in to watch us! Dance times are approximate. We could be moved ahead a few minutes, or moved out to a later time. They usually will show the next upcoming three numbers on the screen but often don’t show “push outs” till the last minute. So if you see our number coming up and then disappear, just stay tuned it will come up again. All times are Pacific.

Visit Showstopper Webcast Site to watch Showstopper’s National Finals LIVE!

You might want to visit the site ahead of time to get the settings on your computer right for streaming video.

Our Schedule

Wednesday July 18th

12:10 pm, Room 1, El Gavilancillo, Sean and Savannah, Folklorico # 839
12:19 pm, Room 2, Carmen, Suzanne, Song and Dance solo #827
12:27 pm, Room 1, Mati Savannah, Polynesian #840

3:00 pm, Awards Room 1
4:10 pm, Awards Room 2

4:20 pm, Room 1, Tilingo Lingo, Suzanne, Folklorico # 844
(Note that this time clashes with the awards for all the ladies in this class doing solos, so we will probably be performing a bit later than what is on the schedule.)

5:25 pm, Room 2, El Jarabe Tapatio, Sean and Savannah, Folklorico Duet # 831

7:40 pm, Awards Room 1
8:45 pm, Awards Room 2


8:00 am, Room 1, Prayer of the Children, Savannah, Lyrical #837
8:27 am, Room 1, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Savannah, Tap #838

11:00 am, Awards Room 1

2:23 pm, Room 2, These Boots Are Made for Walking, Savannah, Song and Dance # 820

6:45 pm, Awards Room 2


1:39 pm, Room 1, Last Night Remix, Sean and Savannah, Hip-hop & Break dancing production # 841

3:40 pm, Awards Room 1

Come online and watch the Klasens go for the Gold (or maybe even Platinum).


  1. We will try and catch one or two of the later events to see. The kids would be interested in seeing it, although I am sure I would never be able to get Ben into something like this!

  2. Sean likes the break dancing and hip hop… the break dance guys arent in the competition… he also does some Mexican and some Irish clogging… thinks it helps keep him in shape for football…

  3. p.s dont look for me on stage… I will be comfortably seated in the audience…

  4. Well, we hope to get him on stage next year… either with the Dads on the “Thriller” dance or with me on song and dance in a hula skirt and coconut bra for “Huney Bun” for Song and Dance.

  5. Well, I am impressed that Sean can get out there and do it. More than I can say for Mr Papa…..He can redeem himself with the hula and coconut bra, however ๐Ÿ™‚ !

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