Showstoppers National Finals Approaching

Next week, Suzanne and Savannah head off to Anaheim, CA for the Showstoppers Dance Competition National Finals. You may remember that they qualified for the National Finals last Spring based on their results in the regional competition in Phoenix.

Unlike the competition in Phoenix, Sean and I will not be going to this competition. Instead, we will spend some father – son time together. We havent planned out our time yet, but it should be fun. The girls leave on Wednesday next week, so I will take the rest of tha week off and goof around with Sean. Video games will certainly be a part of the equation, so I hope the new Xbox 360 arrives from Microsoft.

Suzanne is compiling a schedule of the dances they will be doing in competition. The Showstoppers website is doing a live webacast, so folks can tune and watch if they would like. When Suzanne is complete, I will post the schedule of the live webcast of their dance routines.

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