Showstoppers Weekend Again

Well, sort of… It is time for the regional Showstopper dance competition weekend in Phoenix once again. However, Suzanne’s and Savannah’s dance studio has decided to not do Showstopper this year. I am not really sure why, but the studio is passing this year.

That doesn’t mean the girls are passing this year – at least for Regionals. Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 4:00 AM, Suzanne and Savannah will head out the door to drive up to Phoenix for the competition. They both are only doing their solos. Technically, they still represent the dance studio, but I think they are the only ones going. Suzanne will be doing a single song and dance while Savannah will be doing two dance solos.

Suzanne’s song and dance routine is at 8 AM on Saturday, so she will need to try to get fresh after the 2 or 2 1/2 hour drive in the morning. Both of Savannah’s song and dance routines are on Sunday. So, they will spend the night in Phoenix.

Sean and I will not be going this year since its just a couple of dances. We will stay home and have a guys weekend at home. That means plenty of video games this weekend!

Good luck to the Girls!


  1. We wish the girls lots of success in their dance (and song and dance) competitions!

    Have fun, guys!


    ~Grandmother and Grancpop

  2. Hope you gals sing and dance up a storm. We’re betting on you both.

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