I seem to be taking more and more plunges technology speaking. Or is that web based speaking? With my new found, reliable, high speed internet service, I am finding more and more things I can do on the net.

You can now get a hold of me on Skype. I have long been a user of Teamspeak for voice chat, but I have to admit, this Skype works pretty darn well. And it has video. Guess I may have to get a web cam soon. You can even call real phones from Skype though that feature costs money and I haven’t felt the urge to try it.

Skype has proven useful for chatting with friends online and especially for coordinating some activities with the Simple:Press Forum development team that I am a member of.

Give Skype a try and look me up. My Skype username is (some clown already took my moniker). BTW, this is not a paid post – I have just enjoyed this tool!

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