Slight Hiccup in Our Rome Apartment Reservations

Well this week we got an e-mail from our apartment rental agency in Rome informing us that our reserved apartment had sustained internal damage (fire? water? they didn’t say) and was not currently available for occupancy.

They offered us an alternative apartment that usually rents for 40 euros more a night at the same rate. I went online and checked out the location, which was one of our primary concerns. As it turns out it is half way between the Spanish Steps and Via del Corso on one of the pedestrian streets. Except for the fact that we have to make our way from Via del Corso with our luggage, the location is perfect. This is right near where we stayed the last time we were in Rome, and very near where Steve has stayed every time he’s been to Rome. Lots of familiar restaurants and hang outs in the area. We will be on the same street as Dolce and Gabanna, not that we can afford anything there, but it give you and idea of how nice the neighborhood is. The substitute apartment has slightly better amenitities except that it has only one bath instead of two, but has a dish washer, washing machine, HD Sat TV, and WiFi.

We are not sure of the bed lay out, but it looks like one regular bed and one two person sofa bed, which will mean me(Mama) and Savannah on the sofa bed and the boys in the real bed. Maybe we’ll luck out and there will be a second sofa bed, which will free up some other sleeping arrangement options. We applaud the apartment rental company for being proactive in letting us know a head of time. It should work out just fine, but tune in several weeks for the final verdict.


  1. Poor Steve always has to lug luggage either up more flights of steps than expected or, in this case, a longer distance from Via del Corso, probably on a cobble-stoned street.
    It is really nice that the rental managers found a new space for you, still in a familiar area.
    I look forward to your comments on and photos from your next cruise!

  2. With this family and the way we pack, everyone will be hauling luggage! 😉

  3. I guess as Sean gets older, he’ll help the old man more, but I can’t imagine Mama and Savannah carrying their 100 lbs each of luggage.

  4. Sean gets two bags already! The girls get one each. Luckily they are all on wheels!

  5. The girls may be hiding their bags from you until the last minute, because I know I can barely get my stuff into one 26″ pullman and I don’t bring costume changes!
    I’m a little neurotic about making a “clothes-list” for Tony and for myself of outfits worn on a day to day basis, e.g. Sun., November 30 Marseille: (Tony in town) Gore-tex shell, s/s brown golf shirt, tan dockers, casual brown belt, brown oxfords, under shirt, undies, tan socks (Sylvia in town) Gore-tex shell, cotton scarf, l/s burgundy polo shirt, brit-tan khakis, brown belt, tan walkers, cami, undies, brit-tan socks. (Tony at night) suit, sky dress shirt, TH tie & clip, black dress belt, and so on…
    My list keeps me from choosing clothing items which can only be worn once and spacing outfits so those needing laundering don’t have to be rushed.
    Of course, the nightmare would be losing any luggage and having to use our travel insurance to buy snazzy outfits on the ship or at our POCs…
    Now you’re definitely thinking, “Boy, she’s nuts”

  6. crazy? yeah, my girls. they have already done test packs to make sure they can fit all their stuff!

  7. Yes, we really did a test pack. First I came up with a wardrobe plan, and then did the test pack to make sure I could fit it all. And it really does all fit. I don’t have any costumes packed yet, so they may not make the trip this year, but all the other goodies are fit, so I’m all set.

  8. You are good!!!

  9. Sounds like a lot of work, but it will surely be worth it. And Steve I did find this site (I think) smarty pants.

  10. Who me? 😉

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