Sonoita Fire Update

The fire is fully contained now and pretty much put out. Crews were out all night fighting it and putting out hotspots. This morning as we went to church, which we hold in the fire stations until our church is built, more crews were heading to make sure the fire was completely out.

As of early last night, the fire had burned well over 2000 acres of rolling grasslands here in Sonoita, AZ. That number probably wont rise too much more. I still dont know if any structures got caught in the fire or not.

Mr Papa actually made the Tucson newscast last night. Well, sort of. As you may remember if you read my post yesterday about the fire, the fire approached within about 100 yards of my neighbors (the Pfitzenmaiers) home. During the fire, the Pfitzenmaiers were not home as they had gone to Nogales, Mexico with their church on some mission work. Myself and several other neighbors had gone to their house to water down the area as their house was going to be the closest to the fire. They returned in the late afternoon just as we were wrapping up our watering down the fence line work.

Later in the evening, a Tucson television station, channel 9, had a news crew out and interviewed the PFitzenmaiers about the fire and how close it got to their house. On the newscast, we were referred to as “Quick thinking neighbors with garden hoses”. So, maybe that’s my 15 seconds, correction, 5 seconds of fame.

I have no doubt that if the fire had come from another direction and threatened our house, that Larry would have had a garden hose in his hands.

You can see photos of the fire in the Mr Papa’s World Photo Gallery.


  1. Scary weekend! I am glad we don’t need to worry about wildfires. I bet Larry is glad you are his neighbor!

  2. He’d do the same… He was on the local news last night and then another station came out this afternoon and interviewed him… so have to watch it tonight and see what he said…

    Mr Papa

  3. Please Sir Papa, may I have an autograph!

    How did the latest TV interview turn out?

  4. LOL… My neighbor was interviewed and it went fine… It was a big longer than the first… And of course it was somewhat over the top…

    Mr Papa

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