Summer Dance Recital

This weekend was the annual Summer dance recital for Suzanne and the kids and their Alma Dolores International Dance Studio. This is a two night performance of the all the kids and adults that have been working on dances since the end of the year show.

The first night is usually a fun, high energy performance where they pick some musical or theme and have small and large groups performing. Friday night, the theme was Dora the Explorer for the little kids (8 and under) and then Hair Spray for the older dancers.

Its a pretty long show at about 2 1/2 hours. I always get to sit in the audience by myself since everyone else is dancing. I love to watch the kids dance but I do get tired of the four year olds that kind of just stand there. Its great for their parents and family – I was there at one point. As usual the kids and Suzanne did great.

The second night is a more artistic night. You get the ballet, lyrical and contemporary type dancing. This year, they did the dances to the music of Cirque de Solei. They also added in the international dances (Irish, Mexican, Spanish, Middle East, etc) and they use appropriate music.

The second night was again about 2 1/2 hours and the kids did great. Sean had the Irish hard shoe going good and Savannah really got into her hip hop routine. I still think hip hop is her strongest dance genre, but Suzanne keeps pushing the other stuff. She really enjoys the Mexican folklorico and Spanish Flamenco dancing too. Sean had limited dances this year because most of his time was spent with his 14 – 2 baseball team. He may try to sneak in a few more classes (like hip hop and break dancing) this summer, but football season is rapidly approaching.

I had hoped to post some pictures of the dance recital, but on the first night Suzanne had the camera set up wrong for the first half (yes, I should have checked her settings), plus I forgot the tripod which is really needed for the darkness of the theater. Then, I forgot the camera on the second night. Oh well, no pictures this year.

Next up for the dancers is the Showstopper National Dance Competition in Anaheim this coming July. Due to the all the vacations we are taking this year (Pechuls reunion in Mar, Klasen reunion in June, Grandmother’s 90th birthday in August, and our cruise in November), I will not be attending the competition.

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