Summer’s Here, but Where’s the Heat?

Summer is approaching fast and will be here in a couple of days. Normally at this time of the year, we are just starting to reach our limit of not having the air conditioning on in Arizona. This year, we haven’t even thought of it yet.

Most of Arizona has had their air conditioners on for several months now as Phoenix and Tucson have both had numerous above 100 degree days this year. However, our nice little mountain retreat above 5000 feet hasn’t heated up yet. Actually, its been pretty mild in Tucson already this Summer with the last couple weeks only being in the 90’s. At our elevation, we are usually a good 10 degrees cooler than Tucson.

This year, we have also had an abundance of cool breezes helping to keep the house cool with the windows open. As I type this, I had to draw the window down most of the way because the breeze was actually kind of chilly. Yet, its 83 degrees outside right now. It has been a most enjoyable Spring and Summer weather wise.

Normally, when the temps are high and the humidity begins to rise in anticipation of monsoon season, we have to suck it up, close the windows and turn on the AC. That time is normally around now, but it looks like we can enjoy the country smell and breeze for at least a couple more weeks. I expect it will be July before we have to do the desert close down and use the AC. We are still able to have our Saturday meals out on the back porch at this point.

I surely will enjoy this while it lasts!!!


  1. Yep, our summer was late coming this year, but it is here now. Humidity has arrived. Usually, I run the air 6 months a year and have windows open the other 6. Much prefer the 6 with the windows open (except that the house gets dirtier then)

    Our new geo=thermo pool system is really great. Warms the water in winter and cools it a little in the summer. An added plus is that we don’t have those high gas bills.

    Now if we could just get rid of the hawk that keeps getting our squirrels.

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