Backyard Cooking: Paella and Jambalaya

This year for Father’s Day, we got Steve all kinds of equipment so that he could do some gourmet backyard cooking. Steve loves to cook, and we have such wonderful weather here year round, cooking out doors can be a fun activity for him to enjoy with the kids. To give you a little back […]

Summer’s Here, but Where’s the Heat?

Summer is approaching fast and will be here in a couple of days. Normally at this time of the year, we are just starting to reach our limit of not having the air conditioning on in Arizona. This year, we haven’t even thought of it yet. Most of Arizona has had their air conditioners on […]

Baseball Struggles Continue

Sean’s baseball team struggles continue with another loss. At least they are getting better each game and closer too. This time, the went down to defeat by a score of 10 – 7. The good new is that at one point in the game, they were actually leading 7 – 6. But once again, a […]

Fun Day in Willcox

Yesterday being Saturday meant another day on the road for a football game. Sean’s game yesterday was in Willcox, AZ. Willcox is about 75 minutes away, so we planned make it most of a day trip to Willcox, which is another small rural town in SE Arizona and beloved home of deceased cowboy Rex Allen. […]

Sean Wins School Spelling Bee – Again

Today, for the third consecutive year, Sean won the Elgin School Spelling Bee. He actually did a bit better this year, as the last two years he won the 3rd Grade – 6th Grade age of the spelling bee. This year, despite only being in 6th Grade, he won the entire school spelling bee, beating […]

Off To See The Lions

Well, I went ahead and did it last night. I ordered tickets to the Detroit Lions against the Arizona Cardinals game this upcoming weekend. I got tickets for Sean and I to go to the game. He is really excited as it will be his first NFL football game. Being an avid Lions fan my […]

Wild Night of Wild Fires

Yesterday evening and last night was rather interesting around here – weather wise that is. We should be 2 – 4 weeks away from the onset of our monsoon season. I even heard one report saying it was going to be late this year. Last night, it didn’t look like it was going to be […]

Wide Loads

I had an interesting drive in to work today. I had five wide loads go by me. Living out in the country that’s a lot of wide loads. I have always found it interesting too how the they route the wide loads through our winding, mountain pass road. Actually, they don’t really have much choice. […]

More Family Reunion Pictures

I have now uploaded some of the Grand Canyon pictures from the recent family reunion. The Grand Canyon is absolutely stunning and pictures just dont do it justice.This was our (Suzanne and I) second trip to the Canyon but the first for Sean and Savannah, and our guests. There is no doubt will be back […]

Family Reunion Pictures

I have finally gotten around to uploading some photos from the recent family reunion. In particular, I have uploaded images from our visit to Montezuma’s Castle near Phoenix, AZ. These were some pretty interesting Anasazi Indian ruins and actually have no relation to the historic Aztec ruler Montezuma though the dwellings got their name incorrectly […]